Our extensive range of massage therapies are designed to rejuvenate re-balance and to induce relaxation of the mind, body and soul.


Calming Massage:

A classic and relaxing massage using Swedish style movements and techniques to balance and calm the body.


Balancing Massage:

A scented massage using aromatic oils to relieve stress, energize and rejuvenate the body and soul.


Tension Away Massage:

A deep tissue massage to help ease muscle soreness and tension.


Healing Stone Massage:

Imagine hot healing stones gliding over your body to induce warmth in areas where tension builds up. The hot stones will blissfully take your tension away.


Double Indulgence Massage:

The best of both worlds! A truly indulgent experience combining stone massage and Swedish massage for the utmost sense of well-being and relaxation.


Foot Therapy Massage:

Heal your stress naturally with a reflexology foot massage that originated from the Far East. Using a harmony of thumb and finger acupressure to relieve tension all over the body.