Retexturizing Treatment

A gentle exfoliating facial to help refine, retexturize and even out skin tone without over drying the skin. Progressive Alpha Hydroxy acids and an enzyme complex are used to deliver lasting results.


Chroma White Treatment

This accelerated skin brightening facial, addresses

hyper-pigmentation or uneven skin tone. Using the newest ingredients and technology, for the most effective results.


Epicuren Uplifting Treatment

A two-step lifting mask that offers astonishing results! A medically based, advanced, protein enzyme system to help reduce the fine lines and tighten the skin, restoring a more youthful appearance.


Premier Collagen Treatment

This advanced collagen helps to strengthen and tone the skin.

This treatment helps to revitalize and re-structure the skin’s tissue. All advanced skin care treatments are performed

in a series of three or six for optimum results.

Series of 3- 325.00          Series of 6- 600.00





Series of 3- 345.00          Series of 6- 600.00





Series of 3- 360.00          Series of 6- 625.00





Series of 3- 435.00          Series of 6- 750.00